Dear Colleague,

We had been using the “PAYPAL” and “2CHECKOUT” online payment systems for over a year successfuly. However 2Checkout and PayPal had recently announced that they had to suspend their business operations in Turkey because the requirements governing payment processing in Turkey have become prohibitive recently. (My company is located in Istanbul/Turkey and these international online payment systems do not work with the websites located in Turkey at the moment because the new Turkish regulations restrict the “online payment system providers” temporarily because the cmpanies such as “Paypal” and “2Cehceckout” were taking commisions from the sellers but not paying tax to the Turkish government because they are not located in Turkey but making profit out of Turkey based clients). 

Since then, although I could not be able to provide an online payment option at this time, for the last couple of months, I was offering a very fair safe purchase method for my colleagues to buy the software without any risks, until I implement a new secure online payment system on this website.

What I was offering was: I was offering to send the software and the serial number upfront without requiring any payments from the buyer, and requesting a Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer payment within 3 days, only after you successfully install the software on your computer.

I had announced this fair offer on this page with these words :  

“If your software doesn’t work on your windows computer, you do NOT need to make any payments at all. You can simply delete the software and the setup file.”

Dear Colleague, since this is a niche software designed for hypnotherapists only, I trusted that my colleagues would make their payments within 3 days after they successfully installed their software and started using it immediately.


In the last 2 months, although the features of the software is already demonstrated very clearly in the live tutorial videos on the website, and also clearly listed in the features link in this website, the majority of the applicants who received their software did not transfer their payments becuse of some illogical reasons which actually were dishonest. Because most of those excuses were not something that were not indicated in this website. Those points were already clearly explained in this website upfront. (For example this is not a Macintosh software or an i-pad application, it is a Windows software which only works on windows computers. And this is clearly mentioned all arround the website so telling that they can not install it on their Mac computer is not a reasonable excuse. Especially when I can see in my “serial management system” that they actually have used the serial number I sent to them).

Many of the applicants didn’t even bother to reply my follow up emails even though I see that they have already installed their fully working copy of the software with their serial number provided and already started using the software. (The serials can be used only once, and I can detect if a serial is used or not. So I was sorry to see that my colleagues were using the software but not paying for it and either lying or not even bothering to respond my follow-up emails).

Some of the applicants who responded the follow-up emails have rejected to transfer their payments claiming that the software did not fulfill their needs because of some simple reasons, which are actually not logic reasons. Because:

For example some of them said; “I am using a Macintosh computer and this software doesn’t work on Mac, so I can’t install and use it, that’s why I don’t want to pay”.  However; I know that those people have already installed it on a windows computer, because I can detect if a specific serial number provided is used or not. (Because the serials can be used only one time and I can see which serials are used already). Those who claimed this were actually not honest about claim and actually as you can see under this page, this page contained a warning saying: “Please see the system requirements at “features” link at the top of the page before you place your inquery. (This software is Windows only. No MAC version)” And it is already indicated on several pages of this website, by saying that this is a WINDOWS software, not MAC. This was one of the most common claims that the colleagues who rejected to make a payment, but actually used their serial numbers successfully. If they could not install the software, the serial would not indicate a “used serial” notice on my serial management system.

The second popular claim of the ones who installed but rejected to transfer their payment was;  “This software does not provide a cloud based usage”   However; this point is also clearly indicated in this website, in the “features” page, and also the main introduction video in the homepage. It is indicated in several parts of the website clearly, saying that this software does NOT have a connection with internet and that it is NOT designed as a cloud based software on purpose, because of security reasons. This is also indicated in the website in several sections clearly, even in the main presentation video on the homepage. It is explained in the “features” page with these words:

Absolute Privacy: All work in HypPro is conducted offline. That eliminates any possibility of losing your clients’ sensitive personal data to hackers or viruses. No internet storage, no cloud storage. All your database is safe and secure in your own computer.”

So even though this point is very clearly and visibly mentioned all arround the website very clearly not to feint the potential buyers, this point was another popular claim which many buyers tell, not to pay for the software after they receive their software and serial number.

Another popular claim was that they were expecting a more effective session record keeping feature, which actually was not a reasonable claim as well. Because the software keeps the client and session notes in a very simple, easy and effective way and how it does this job is also very clearly demonstrated in the “Tutorial” link which is located at the main top menu of the website. All the videos are all live demonstrations which show all the features and the usage of the HypPro software in a very clear way. Taking notes of the sessions, attaching a script to a specific session, recording your own scripts, how to setup an appointment, how the seceens look, everything is very clearly demonstrated on those videos, so it is not reasonable to just claim that they expected a different way of keeping records of the sessions etc. I assume that any potential buyers would read the “features” page and would have watched the live demonstrtions to see what this software does, how it looks, how it is use, what it is capable of, BEFORE buying it.

So; to be honest, I thought that it is better not to offer this software to my hypnotherapist colleagues this way (giving the serial and the software before they make any payments), because since I offered this fair method of payment which is based on a bona fide approach and honesty, the %80 of the applicants did not bother to make their payments and the insteresting part is that among those 80%, the 90% did not even bother to respond the follow-up emails and just dissapeared after installing their software. The ones who responded were also actually not honest and fair with their reasons because the reasons they indicated were actually already clearly indicated in the website, videos and the “features” page clearly so they should have known those points if they have read the “features” page and watched the demonstrations. (Which I believe anybody would do this before they decide buy a software).

That’s why, -as of June 14 -2017-, I am not offering this software this way any more, (offering the buyer to pay only after successfully receiving and installing their software with their activation code), until I find an “online payment system company” which provides online international payment systems to Turkish sellers as well, which can be implemented on this website. (Because even Paypal has stopped their activities in Turkey because of the reason I explained above).

So I’m sorry to see that my bona fide approach was misused by %80 of the hypnotherapists who contacted me saying that they’d like to buy this software, after I announced that I’m going to send the software first and they can pay after they install their software.

I’d like to remind that this software is the first client/session management software in the world which is specifically designed for hypnotherapists and it has so many unique features which help us to manage our client/session records in our hypnotherapy practice. But I feel like my goodwill is misused within last 2 months. So I decided not to offer this “pay after use” option any more.

Since there is no available online payment services in the world (such as PayPal) which provides services for Istanbul based sellers to use in their websites, I decided to stop selling this software this way.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN BUYING THİS SOFTWARE; (only after exploring the videos and the “features” page), I really need you to watch all the live demonstration videos first, then read the “features” page carefully, then if you decide that you’d like to buy the software, you can simply just drop me an email to request the bank account details to bank wire transfer your payment upfront, and only then I can send the “software setup file and your serial number” to you, for you to install the software.

As a certified hypnotherapist myself as well, I had this software produced for my own needs and then decided to distribute it to anyone who is in need of this kind of a software with an amount of payment as low as an “average one session fee”, which is only $99. My intention was not to make millions out of this software but I’m really not comfortable to be exposed to this kind of an unfair approach by some dishonest hypnotherapists out there. (Sorry to say this but this is the case).  That’s why I decided to stop offering a “pay after use” option about this software. I’m open to any suggestions and offers about solving this “online payment system problem” by the way. I couldn’t find a third party service which provides online payment service to Turkey/Istanbul. If you have an idea, please drop me an email and I’ll evaluate it. Thanks for your understanding.

Warm Regards,


Please see the system requirements at “features” link at the top of the page before you place your inquery. (This software is Windows only. No MAC version)

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