Hypnotherapist SoftwareHypPro is actually quite simple piece of software, but then again, most good things are simple. HypPro is an easy-to-use and reliable database-management software, (client management software) created specifically for hypnotherapists. As a hypnotherapist, it is fair to assume you have encountered problems or frustrations with managing all the data about your practice and your clients. This piece of software is created to put an end to all that. Instead of listing all the features HypPro is offering, we would like to describe how the software would work for you, in practice.

Let us describe it on an example you will be able to relate to perfectly well. Imagine that you have started your day at the office. You don’t know where to start. So many clients, so many documents, you can’t even find the schedule for the day. No need to worry. All you need to do is start HypPro Software. After checking the session appointments schedule, you will know who your first client is, and when he or she is going to arrive.

Now you wish to prepare for the client before they get there. All you have to do is check their history, which includes notes about the previous sessions, the hypnosis scripts used, their personal information, and anything else you have stored there during and after their previous appointments. What makes HypPro special is the fact that all this information is only one-click away. No need to search through folders (digital or physical), call for your assistant, or anything else. Just click to open the client’s profile, and all the information is right there, uncluttered and error-free. That will allow you to welcome your client completely prepared, and all it took was few minutes of your time.

After you have finished the session, you update the client’s profile with any new notes, hypnosis scripts, or any other new information gathered during the session. That was also done in a few minutes, and now you only need few more to prepare for the next client.

And, we have left the best for the end: after the last appointment for the day, you only need to update the information about the last client. Then you can check your schedule for tomorrow, or change it/create one, and you can close HypPro and your office, and get back to your day life.

  • Calendar
    Easy to use calendar that allows you to view and organize all your clients’ appointments in just a few clicks.
  • Clients Information
    Uncluttered and easy to access information on each client, including name, contact details, presenting issue, date of first visit, list of related documents, and so on. Take detailed notes about your client and his/her problem.
  • Sessions
    Searchable database of all previous sessions. You can take detailed notes about each session with your client and access the session history any time you need to.
  • Scripts
    The list of all hypnotherapy scripts of all your clients. Uncluttered and easy to search through. If you want to use a specific script for your client, you can sellect it from your session bank and associate it with any session so that you don’t forget which script you had used for that specific client in your previous session.
  • Reports
    List of all your reports, which can be easily accessed and searched.
  • Export
    Quickly and easily export all the information to an MS Excel file.
  • Database Backup
    Backup your data to keep it safe in the event of hardware malfunction or any other accident.
  • Absolute Privacy
    All work in HypPro is conducted offline. That eliminates any possibility of losing your clients’ sensitive personal data to hackers or viruses. No internet storage, no cloud storage. All your database is safe and secure in your own computer. You can backup your database regularly and store all your sensitive client information in an external harddisk or any flash disk, just in case your laptop is stolen or broken. Even your laptop is stollen, nobody can access your database because your software is password protected. Set up your password and keep your client data safe and secure.

The amazing thing about HypPro is that you would have figured out all this by yourself in a matter of minutes, without reading any of these instructions. We only wrote them to describe you what the program can do. We hope you liked the features presented here, and you are more than welcome to contact us for more information.

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System Requirements

Screen Size:
13”, 14”,15” inches

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

Screen Resolution:
Work Above 1280*768
And Below 1920*1080

4 GB and above

English and Turkish