HypPro Refund Policy:

At HypPro we want our customers to make the best possible purchase decision. Therefore, we encourage you to explore the product page of our website to obtain comprehensive product information.

If you want to purchase this product, please do explore all the software features before placing your order. The toutorial videos briefly explains what this software is capable of. Please note that HypPro software is not designed as an internet based software because of security reasons. Security of the client database stored in your software is our priority. In such softwares, there should be no possibility that the confidential client information can be tracked or monitored in any way by third parties such as internet hackers or even the software company itself. As you might know, the softwares which are capable of sharing informations in real time require an internet based programming and they most probably contain a risk in means of “security”. Please note that there would be a possibility that some hackers or even the software/service provider company could access to your confidentioal client information if it HypPro had been an internet based software. Internet based systems can easily be hacked and anyone might steal the confidential client informations you save in your system. Keeping the client informations and the session notes in a safe digital environment is our priority. This is exactly what HypPro is intented to do. Therefore we intentionally designed this software as an “offline desktop application” to keep the confidential client information safe with the hypnotherapist only. If you expect to use this software by synchronising it with your smartphone or tablet, note that this software is not intented to do that because of the reasons described above.

This software has no connection with internet after you install it, so we have no control in your software after you install it. We can not uninstall or deactivate your software from your computer remotely. Therefore we do not offer any refunds. However we encourage you to explore the software briefly before placing your order. Hyppro reserves the right to deny any refund requests.

If you need technical support for your downloaded software purchase, please contact us via [email protected].  In your message, please include your order#, name, surname, e-mail address used when buying the software and the product key. You will find the order# and the product key in the purchase confirmation e-mail. We expect that you explore the features of the software by watching the tutorial videos and the informations provided in the website before your purchase.