How To Add A New Client Setting Up The First Appointment

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a new client, with all the information needed about the client such as his/her age, suggestibility model, essential contact information, brief description about his/her problem to be solved, and much more… Take notes about the presenting issue and learn how to set up the first appointment for a new client. All your client information is stored in one safe and secure software; HypPro©. No internet connection needed. All the confidential information is saved in your own computer’s harddisk. So your client’s information is completely and absolutely safe with you. You can watch the other tutorials as well, to find more about this wonderful software developed for hypnotherapists. This software will deffinitely be your most helpful tool while you grow your Hypnotherapy practice.

How To Add A New Script

If you wish to prepare for the client before they get there, all you have to do is check their history, which includes notes about the previous sessions, the hypnosis scripts used, their personal information, and anything else you have stored there during and after their previous appointments. What makes HypPro special is the fact that all this information is only one-click away. You can add and store your scripts in HypPro software easily. And you can assign any script to any specific Hypnosis session. (This is shown in another tutorial). This feature helps you to remember what script you used in a previous session for that specific client. Just click to open the client’s profile, and see all the information, session notes, scripts used. All information is right there. This feature will allow you to welcome your client completely prepared, and all it takes is few minutes of your time.

How To Assign A Hypnosis Script To A Specific Session

This Tutorial shows how to assign a script to a specific hypnosis session. And how to customize the session notes as well as the script… How to take notes about a session after or before performing it. How to update session notes and also how to customize the script used for a specific client or a session..

How To Add A New Session

This Tutorial shows how to add a new session to a client’s records. It also demonstrates how to set up a new appointments for a specific client, easily. Add the next session date and plan your sessions easily. HypPro is your primary assistant, helping you out about almost everything regarding your documentation needs in your practice..