HypPro©: Client Management Software for Hypnotherapists!

HypPro© simply allows you to manage all the data about your practice in one place, in an easy, quick, safe and reliable fashion!

Keep track of your clients, manage your scripts and session notes in one place, schedule your appointments, plan your next session’s strategy,

And do much more!…


The Best Way To Have Complete Control Over Your Practice! A Unique Software for Hypnotherapists

This is all you need to be well organized in your Hypnotherapy practice. HypPro© is loaded with useful functions for Hypnotherapists, that allows to quickly and easily manage all informations of your clients such as session notes, suggestibility model, contact informations, scripts used in a specific session, appointments, payments and much more. But that’s not all… When you buy HypPro©, it will be your own personal assistant that is always one-click away, never late for work, and do not make any mistakes. This unique software for hypnotherapists will help you keep track of your sessions, and even your income.

  • The first client management software developed specifically for hypnotherapists,
  • Easy-to-use and feature-rich client management software for hypnotherapists,
  • 100-percent error-proof schedule, all personal info in one place, notes of previous sessions and much more…

More Ways Than Ever To Manage Your Hard Work!

An easy-to-use and reliable database management software developed specifically for Hypnotherapists.

What Else Does HypPro© Do?

HypPro is actually quite simple piece of software, but then again, most good things are simple. HypPro© is an easy-to-use and reliable database-management software, created specifically for hypnotherapists. As a hypnotherapist, it is fair to assume you have encountered problems or frustrations with managing all the data about your practice and your clients. This piece of software is created to put an end to all that. It simply allows you to manage all the data about your practice in one place, in an easy, quick, and reliable fashion.

When you wish to prepare for the client before they get to your office, all you have to do is to check their history, which includes notes about the previous sessions, the hypnosis scripts used, their personal information, and anything else you have stored there during and after their previous appointments.

What makes HypPro© special is the fact that all this information is only one-click away. No need to search through folders (digital or physical), call for your assistant, or anything else. Just click to open the client’s profile, and all the information is right there, uncluttered and error-free. That will allow you to welcome your client completely prepared, and all it took was few minutes of your time.

No more embarrassing situation with two clients scheduled at the same time, no more lost hours due to a badly planned schedule. Everything will be as simple and as precise as possible.
You wish to contact one of your clients, but your secretary misplaced their contact details? Well, just open the client’s profile in HypPro – all the contact information is there.
You have many clients, and the one that is about to arrive has been seeing you for quite a while, so you have number of notes of their previous sessions… How to find the notes of the last week’s session? Just go to their profile in HypPro, and check their notes sorted by date.

Amazing Software To Build A Successful Hypnotherapy Practice

  • We offer free support because we care about your practice as much as you.
  • No internet connection needed to use the software! Your client data is safe with you!
  • An easy-to-use offline calendar to keep track of your appointments
  • Advanced but simple control panel lets you input your client data easily
  • Plan your sessions and which script to use before your client comes to the session
  • Amazing features to help you manage all your client data
  • Save your scripts in the “scripts” section and assign to any client/session to remember which script you used for that specific client/session.